Canadian Loon Dollar Varieties

This page shows the major die varieties since Canadian "Loon" 1 dollar coins were introduced in 1987. It does NOT cover "die blunders", where dies were re-punched with different years (and the previous number is visible below the current number), or where cracks appeared in the dies causing unwanted lines to appear in the coin. It also does not cover date doubling or special coins created for the collector market. All of the coin designs displayed here were manufactured for general circulation as legal tender.

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2005 Terry Fox Dollar Reverse Varieties

Designed by Stan Witten, the Terry Fox coin commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the Marathon of Hope.

Not long after losing his right leg to cancer, a young man named Terry Fox decided to run across Canada to raise awareness and money for cancer research.
He ran from St. John's, Newfoundland, to Thunder Bay, Ontario, covering 5,373 km in 143 days, but was forced to halt his Marathon of Hope when cancer invaded his lungs.

You can read his amazing story HERE.

2010 Reverse Varieties
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