Articles and Presentations

Below is a list of some of the articles and demonstrations which have been presented by club members during our monthly meetings, or written for the club's web site:


The Regina Coin Club and George Manz Coins have started producing a numismatic related podcast. Check them out here, and if you like, subscribe to George's YouTube channel to get more podcasts as they are released:
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Online Resources

Below is a list of some of the best online training resources we have found:

Haxby Catalog of the Canadian 1859 Large Cent An absolutely dizzying amount of information regarding
the countless different die varieties found on 1859 one cent coins

Collecting Victorian Cent Varieties (Rob Turner) - Web Site

Collecting Victorian Cent Varieties (Rob Turner) - PDF Presentation

Calgary Coin's Canadian coin price lists These price lists also contain a wealth of information regarding all varieties of circulation coins.

The Attribution Guide to 1974 Canadian Nickel Dollar Varieties by Ken Potter -- NLG (Double yoke varieties)

Coins and Canada Articles on Canadian coins

Coins and Canada Articles on Grading Canadian coins

GREAT series of E-Books from the Bank of Canada on the history of Canadian currency!!!

Articles from Canadian Coin & Currency's Web Site:

Canada's Circulating Commemorative Dollars

Canada's Circulating Commemorative Quarters

Silver Pocket Prospector

Paper Money Infographic

Story of The 1954 Devil's Face Bank Notes